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The proposed routes are always based on estimated travel times. Weather and traffic conditions, vehicle breakdowns and other disturbances in traffic can cause delays or cancellations of the proposed connections. The public transport operator of the city is not liable for damages caused by cancelled transport connections.
Route search
Enter your departure point, destination and time. Start search using Search-button. You can also choose your departure point and destination on the map (left mouse button). A maximum of 5 routes with or without transfers that fit the search criteria will be shown. The results are based on estimated times. The proposed connection can not be guaranteed.
Enter the name or code of the stop and select stop from the list. You can also choose the stop on the map (left mouse button). Next departing buses are shown in table. You can scroll through the departure times forward and backward. Stop color on the map:
  • = Farezone A
  • = Farezone B
  • = Farezone C
  • = Farezone D
Own favourites
You can save your search or stop in your favorites using -button.
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